What’s The Best Mileage Tracker App For Veterans?

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As a self-employed individual or owner of a small business looking for the best mileage tracker app for veterans, you’re in luck. You can read this article to learn about the features you can expect from a mileage tracker app, tracking modes, pricing, and other functions that make mileage reimbursement or tax deduction as simple as possible.

What features will you need?

When choosing the best mileage tracking app which will teach you how to keep track of mileage for taxes, it is ideal to find a simple app with useful features and a reasonable price. Even though the price is crucial to everyone, the best app is the one with the best quality-value ratio, regardless of its price. In spite of this, it’s vital that the app lets you do everything you need, which will make the process as easy as pie.

Here are some of the most important features the app should have:

  • automatic mileage tracking modes
  • IRS-compliant Mileage Log – only MileageWise.
  • retrieving the missing logs,
  • auto-classification of clients’ location, organising the clients according to their location,
  • integration with other Software Products, such as accounting software,
  • outsourcing service giving the opportunity of mileage log preparation for clients.

Before making the final decision, compare the most downloaded mileage tracker apps.

What are the automatic Mileage Tracking modes?

When keeping track of business mileage, it’s really important that the app you will choose has automatic mileage tracking modes.

Taking MileageWise as an example, it has 3+ 1 tracking modes.

  • Manual tracking
  • Bluetooth tracking
  • Plug’N’Go tracking
  • Vehicle movement monitoring

Most of the apps have manual tracking and vehicle movement monitoring, but they require users to buy extra Bluetooth hardware. MileageWise provides the option without extra hardware, additionally giving you a Plug’N’Go function.

Not in case of MileageWise though, for which you don’t need any extra hardware . It also provides a Plug’N’Go option, thanks to which Your arrival is recorded when you remove the cable from your phone and stop the car. Only with a mileage tracker app you can make the process automated and forget about the paper version of the vehicle mileage log book.

The best quality for the best price 

You may find a free mileage tracker app in Google Play, but expect the limit of users, trips, or business expenses on reports. Comparing the prices of apps, and the features they offer, MileageWise seems the most reasonable.

Comparing MileageWise to MileIQ its plans are more expensive, but remember it’s the only 100% IRS-compliant app on the market. You can pay monthly, but it’s much more profitable to buy a plan for 2 or even 3 years.

Try MileageWise for free 

MileageWise is available on Google Play, and downloadable on Apple’s App Store as well. Download the app and use it for 14 days for free. What’s important, using the free version available, you don’t need to give your credit card number.

After the trial period you will surely decide to go for the full version of MileageWise.