Top Tips To Maximize Your Property’s Selling Potential


DIY & Décor: When showcasing your property to potential buyers you have to raise the standard of the decor by creating a pristine finish, a look in which the buyers could see themselves in if they bought the property and one that shows a degree of quality from the outset (first impressions are a MUST!).  Think House Doctor! This means giving each room look fresh and neutral, almost brand new. Through small details like a new coat of paint on the walls and simplistic yet effective décor, you are able to let the buyers envisage a life within the property, you want them to have some sense of belonging or attachment to it. Redecorating is also cost-effective, with a professional painter able to do the job for around the sum of £100; bearing in mind this can be easily done yourself with a pot of paint and some elbow grease!

The Garden:A garden with the property can really influence a person’s choice to buy, maybe this is because of young children or for space to input a feature to make it seem more likable to them. Because of this you should make sure that any areas outside the actual property are  kept tidy… this could be simply mowing the lawn or some small touch ups on fencing etc to brighten the feel of the house. Furthermore adding unique features to the outside space, for example a patio heater with a welcoming table and chairs does really make a difference in making the potential buyer imagine what they could transform the space into. By maximising the garden space you are adding value to the property and making sure the asking price potential is the best it can be.

Property Potential:In long term, the potential value of your property is closely linked to its current condition. You will need to think about if the internal and external space can be transformed into something better or if there is anything which will degrade its desirability in someone else’s eyes.  A few questions you should ask yourself is, is there room to extend the building? Does it have planning permission to do so? Can you get planning permission to extend it? Is there anything that may need replacing…? For instance the boiler? Is there anything that needs to be upgraded within the household like installations and so on? This information is very important when showcasing your property, it helps the buyer see whether it’s right for them in the long run, after all buying a property is an investment and therefore the resale value of it could be very imperative.

Broadband and Phone Signal: Being in the 21st century the technological impact within the world has changed the way in which people view property, the capability of how technical it can be tends to be a big decider. Interconnectedness people have with one another, whether it be on the phone or internet or in person is seemingly very important. People need to feel a part of something, so you as the seller should know which mobile phone or internet provider gives the best signal strength or speed in the property’s area, this really does make a difference to the buyers. Plus knowing whether additional phone lines or if the internet may need a booster to get good signal can all add to the decisions in which they buy. Make sure you are knowledgeable with all this in case it ever comes up during a viewing.

Traditional estate agents can charge up to 2.5% of the sale value of your property. Selling your property via an Online Estate Agent such as can also help to maximise the return on your property as most now charge a flat fee of around £500. So, depending on the sale value of your property this could save you thousands