Shutters For Large Windows Don’t Have To Be Boring


Shutters for Large Windows

The shutters you place on your windows serve the functional purpose of controlling sunlight and protecting your windows from an accident. They’re important for privacy reasons as well as aesthetic reasons. They also help to create a certain look at your house and in different rooms. However, when you are looking for shutters for large windows, the options are often limited. You’re often limited to vertical blinds that slide open and closed, but not much else. If you know where to look, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Plantation Shutters

You can find an affordable plantation shutters company in Bristol that will provide you with shutters of all sizes.

  • Custom shutters can be built to sizes that are not standard for windows; they can also be built to resemble non-standard shapes.
  • Large windows are often a shape that is not very common.
  • Typically, very large plantation shutters are designed so that they have different doors that swing open. The slats themselves will open and close, then the apparatus will swing like a French door.
  • Having different compartments in the shutters helps to keep the integrity of the material in tact.

The Material

Large shutters tend to come in wood and uPVC. Wood is often one of the oldest and most reliable building materials. It is incredibly versatile; you can paint it or stain it to look practically any way you want.

A synthetic material, uPVC, has grown popular because of its insulation properties and its longevity. It can also last a very long time without ever rusting, corroding, or responding to changing humidity.