The Advantages of Wooden Fencing


A wide range of materials have come along recently that have gained popularity as fencing materials. Some of these materials, such as synthetics, are popular because they are waterproof and won’t rot. Older materials such as metal are gaining new prominence because they are classic. However, wood has never lost its appeal. It’s a material that makes great fences for many different reasons.

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The Timber Advantage

The advantages of timber are myriad. Some of the most trusted fencing services in West Lothian rely on quality wood.

  • Wood is usually pressure treated when it is going to be used for a fence. Pressure-treated wood is injected under high pressure with a rot-resistant substance.
  • Treated wood often lasts as long as synthetic counterparts.
  • Wood is very affordable.
  • Wood comes in wide planks; therefore, it can be used very effectively to create privacy fencing.
  • Wood makes smooth fences that are very difficult to climb if you don’t want anyone climbing them.
  • A wooden fence is a classic look that has never gone out of style.
  • The wood can be refinished over its lifetime as well. You can strip the finish off of the wood and stain it a different colour. You can also paint it.

Paint or Finish?

Paint is often used in place of pressure-treated wood; you can also paint wood that has been treated. The point is to keep water and pests out of the wood. Paint does this as well as a durable finish coat. Ask the professionals about paint and finish.