Reasons Why You Should Heat You Swimming Pool


If you are fortunate enough to have your own swimming pool, well done but are you using your pool frequently and getting your money’s worth. It gets a little cold sometimes in New Zealand and jumping into a cold pool is the last thing on your mind. All that exercise and relaxation time is going to waste, but what if there was a way to swim in a warm pool? What if it was like having a nice warm bath, but lots more fun. Well, it’s possible and you can heat up your pool with the right pump and here I will explain why a heat pump is your best option to do the job.


Natural Heat.

Your pool heat pump is a great energy efficient item and it’s cheaper than you may think. It’s because of the way that they create the heat and they do this by gathering the natural heat around us. They only use a little electricity and they use it to power the fan and the compressor that both, suck in warm air, change it to heat and then put it into your water. Much of the heat is attained from our natural surroundings which then reduces the electric bill a lot.

Long Term Savings.

Admittedly, pool heat pumps cost a little more to buy, but the long term savings are substantial. When you compare to gas pool heaters or electric resistance heaters, pool heat pumps can operate for about a sixth of the cost of these. That’s a huge saving. It is possible to experience a warm, relaxing swim without worrying that those laps are going to clear out your wallet and remember because your heat pump is using less electricity, then it is also environmentally friendly.

No Carbon Foot Print.

Gas heaters must always burn gas to make heat and that causes a high rate of CO2, which is not good for the environment. Pool heat pumps on the other hand, don’t burn a thing and so apart from minimum electricity, they themselves, produce no CO2 which makes them a friend to the earth. So when you are swimming in your warm pool, you can be safe and secure in the knowledge that you are doing so with the environment in mind. If that doesn’t allow you to have a relaxing swim, I don’t know what will.


There’s no good investing in something if it isn’t going to pass the test of time. Pool heat pumps are one of the longest lasting heating solutions that you will buy today. Gas heater last for about five to ten years before you need to start fixing them or replacing them altogether. The same applies to the electric ones we discussed before. Pool heat pumps last for up to twenty years and if you take care of them, probably more. Taking care of your pool heat pump means actually using it. Yes, you read it correctly, if you are using it more you are preventing it from corroding. It’s a win-win situation.

So, if you are prepared to take care of your pool heat pump, there is no reason to think that it won’t still be working in twenty years and beyond that. Happy Swimming guys.