What are the things to determine when the heater is not working?



image1 7Then one device that is enough to make your winters astonishing is a steadfast in-house heater. A centralized heating system can deliver sufficient heat to almost every corner of the house. There can be many issues that arise with time in your heater. It is your responsibility to check whether the heating unit is functioning correctly or not. 

Why is my heater not working?

There are innumerable causes behind the electric heater not working. The core ones are as follows: 

You must be aware of the state of the thermostat. It can be pretty complicated to use and handle a programmable thermostat. Ensure that your thermostat is in the right setting before you turn on the heater. The chances of switch getting on are higher at the time of cleaning.  It would be better if you are checking it regularly. Before you make any calls to the providers heating and air repair in Atlanta, it is crucial to determine that everything is correct with your thermostat.

Many common heating problems can take place if the filters are clogged or dirty. Also, these filters can bring a rise in the energy bills of the house. Due to the dirty and clogged filters, the heat exchanger is likely to overheat and shut off swiftly. It can even lead to dust increase on the heat exchanger. The step that you should take in this situation is to replace the filter. Read the manual to have an idea about how to remove the filter and where it is positioned. The flat filters must be replaced every month. It is time to change the filter if you are unable to see the light clearly through it. 

Check that the gas is on. For doing this, you must trace the gas line from the heater back to the meter. If you find a perpendicular handle to the gas tube, rotate it to make it parallel. There is always a pilot light in an old furnace. If your system is also having that, take out the front panel and the burner cover to determine if it’s lit or not. Do concern the trusty companies of heating and air repair in Atlanta if you desire a new furnace. Regular checking of the chimneys and ducts is imperative. The birds’ nests or debris often act as a barrier. Consequently, they can be one of the chief reasons for the heat not working in house.