Your Property Checklist: A Guide to Renting in Colchester

Property Checklist

or flat to rent in Colchester can be a difficult task. How do you pick the right area and what are you looking for in terms of size, location, and price? By asking yourself a few key questions, you can lower your stress and make the search easier.

Here’s your checklist when you are searching for a rental home in Colchester.

Decide How Much You Can Afford

Be sensible and consider how much you will be able to afford in the short and the long term. It is impractical to sign the contract for a property you will not be able to pay for a few months later. If the property of your dreams is outside of your price range, consider looking elsewhere, perhaps in another area, or compromising on the size of the property. Your goal is to find a desirable home, in the right location, that won’t stretch your finances.

Choose Where to Rent

There are thousands of houses to rent in Colchester and the surrounding area. Your search will seem overwhelming unless you narrow down your search area. Look to see how different areas in Colchester compare in terms of price. There is likely to be some difference between rents in different postcodes. Consider how far you want to be from shops and leisure facilities. Do you want to be able to walk to work? Is it important to be close to the train station? The larger your search radius the more properties you will find, but it will also be potentially more difficult to choose between them.

Check the Terms and Your Own Documentation

You need to prove that you have the right to live in the UK before you will be able to rent a property in Colchester or anywhere else in the country. Make sure you have the required paperwork and proof in order. You will also need proof of your income and be prepared for the agents or the landlord to run a credit check on your finances. Alongside your documentation requirements, make sure you are clear about the terms under which you will rent the house or flat. How long is the tenancy, for example? Search only for short-term rentals if you know you will leave the property within a short time. Check how much you need to pay for a deposit. Your deposit is protected under government schemes, so make sure the landlord is adhering to these requirements.

Check Everything is Safe

The most important factor you cannot ignore is the safety and the security of the property. You need to check you are not in any danger through living in the house. Landlords must install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Ensure these are working. Look at the electrics and the fittings to see if anything stands out as defective or looks in poor working order. Clarify with the agent or landlord what you need changed, if anything, before the tenancy begins.