Who Are these “We Buy Houses” People in Knoxville, TN


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If you’re trying to sell your property in Knoxville, Tennessee, you might find that going through the traditional channels will take time. It has not been a particularly robust time for real estate and listings are flooded with dozens, if not hundreds, of homes for sale in this area alone. One way for homeowners to get cash quick for their properties is to work with We Buy Houses companies, which are real estate investors that are willing to purchase your home as-is for a fair price.

There are many We Buy Houses firms in Knoxville. We caught up with Pro Source Home Buyers to get an insider’s look into how real estate investment firms work and why homeowners shouldn’t be quick to dismiss this option. Here are five reasons why it’s good to consider We Buy Houses programs.

  1. The whole process is easy.

The whole process is stress-free and straightforward, unlike going through traditional real estate channels and hiring agents. You can get an offer now and have your property sold and paid for within just a few weeks. For example, you can get in touch with Pro Source Home Buyers and invite them to make an assessment of property. Shortly after, they will present and offer and, if you agree, they will take care of majority of the paperwork and even handle closing costs. When everything is done, all you need to do is claim your money.

  1. You get a no-strings-attached offer.

A We Buy Houses company will take a look at your house and inspect it thoroughly before deciding how much it is paying for it. It is totally up to the homeowner to accept this or not, or if you want to negotiate further. You can even take a day or a week or two before you give them your answer. There’s no pressure. These companies understand that letting go of a home is a major deal, so they know that you will need some time to think about it.

  1. You can sell your home for whatever reason.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to sell your home, it won’t matter with We Buy Houses companies. Selling can even help you avoid a foreclosure. Are you selling because you need money to migrate to another place? Did you and your spouse just sign divorce papers? Did your family recently have a medical emergency? Are you in debt? There are plenty of reasons and none of this will matter to Pro Source Home Buyers.

  1. You don’t have to renovate or repair anything.

It’s possible that your house will need repairs but you don’t have to worry about those if you’re transacting with a We Buy Houses firm. Real estate investors can buy your house even if it has issues. Of course, the cost for renovations will be reflected on the offer, but you can expect that the price will be fair.

  1. There no hidden charges.

You don’t have to think about commissions or any hidden fees when working with Pro Source Home Buyers and other We Buy Houses companies. You get your money in full and they won’t even take a percentage off your home’s valuation. The whole process is transparent and you are looped in on everything that’s going on.

Overall, if you want to sell your house fast in Knoxville, it can be made easy with the existence of We Buy Houses firms. With companies like Pro Source Home Buyers, you can solve your financial woes fast but without compromising on your home’s real value.