When you want to make that ‘BIG’ move!


Everyone does it at some point in their lives…what does ‘it’ refer to? It refers to moving. In fact, according to the latest statistics, the average American moves at least twice in his or her life! And where are many people moving to in America? Why to Texas, and especially Plano, which is located in North Central Texas, largely because of the state’s booming economy, and because of the fact that many job-creating companies are moving to this suburban town. If you are one of these Americans, you should call Plano movers (our official name is HotShots Moving Company) because we are the best in terms of moving your household and other items safely to ensure that they arrive at your new residence intact. We also ensure that the entire moving process proceeds the way it should so that you have as little stress as possible resulting from your move as possible!

Why HotShots Moving Company?

When it comes to moving, the big guys like UHaul come to mind because they have an established track record and reputation in terms of moving household items from one residence to another. There are many other moving companies you can choose from, either by getting a referral or by looking in the phone book! What makes Hotshots Moving Company so special? We are special because we are different. We care about the moving experience we provide to our customers, both in terms of the items being moved safely and intact, and in terms of our customers feeling as though ‘they are being treated like royalty’ through our exceptional customer service. Our company is licensed and insured, and so are the movers who work for our company. This is the reason why our customers are always satisfied with every aspect of their move – from the experience of dealing with our staff and customer service reps to having the move go as planned without any delays and complications (with their items being intact during and after the move!)

More about us…

We are the moving company you should be using, especially if you are moving to a city in North Central Texas because we are the best in the industry at what we do One of the things which make us pros in the moving industry is our pricing structure. To begin with, you can easily obtain a free moving estimate from our website. A friendly and experienced customer service representative will then contact you to obtain more information regarding your planned move. If you decide to proceed with your move with HotShots Moving Company, one of our experienced, friendly, and professional movers will give you a free written estimate which you can keep for your records. Additionally, our movers will guarantee a flat rate (in terms of estimate and actual moving charges) with no additional charges which will surprise, shock, and disappoint you once you have moved! Our movers will come and pick up and deliver your household items at the times they have promised!

But we are more than just a residential moving company…

We can work wonders in terms of moving to your office as well. In fact, you will be impressed by our incredible flexibility in terms of planning the smooth corporate move for you! We work around your schedule to ensure that your business and profit-making operations resume as planned. We offer a flat moving rate with no hidden charges. We work well with your management and with the management and staff at your new commercial office space to ensure that business goes on as usual.

When you move, you look for a moving company whose movers are professional and careful in terms of moving your household items because we are not just moving your personal belongings, we are moving your lifestyle and associated memories. We are one of the few moving companies in America which actually understands this and many other valuable concepts related to moving which are important to you. You should use our company for your next move for this reason!