What Is The Difference Between Steam And Dry Carpet Cleaning System?


In the old steam cleaning system [wet carpet clean or Hot water extraction method], high alkaline detergent, hot water, and high water pressure are used in the process. The chemicals and dirt get forced onto the subfloor and pad of the carpet base.

Detergent and water get vacuumed out but the subfloors and pad become so wet that the carpet is not dry totally. It causes stains and spots to rise on the carpet fibers after the water evaporates there is the odor issues, mildew and mold risk, as well as quick re-soiling. How can you overlook the inconvenience!

How dry cleaning differs in dryness level?

The carpet cleaning sector has developed a lot in the last four decades. The launch of advanced low-moisture dry carpet cleaning techniques has made it possible to thoroughly clean and dry carpets in less than half an hour. Unlike steam cleaning system, with low-moisture cleaning system carpets repel the dirt and stains don’t come back, after cleaning. Thus your carpets can stay fresh and clean for long.

Which is an eco-friendly process?

The steam cleaning system is not eco-friendly because –

  • Equipment is costly, heavy and noisy, uses lots of fuel, high maintenance, and releases loads of toxic fumes.
  • The chemical mixed dirty water ends in the water supply of the city.

The low-moisture carpet cleaning method is eco-friendly because –

  • The equipment is less expensive, quiet, lightweight, portable, easy to store, maintenance-free and no-freezing problems.
  • No fuel consumption, so no smelly toxic exhaust gets released.
  • Uses green cleaning agents.

Which carpet cleaning system is better?

The choice will rely on the situation.

  • In circumstances, where there is water damage due to flooding, leaky pipes or roofs, overflowing sink, severe weather, etc., a truck mount a steam cleaning system is a good option.
  • For routine carpet cleaning in the home and office, a low-moisture carpet cleaning is great. It removes the stains, spots, and soils amazingly and your carpet gets dry within minutes and the method is eco-friendly.

Think! Do you prefer a wet, icky, gushy carpet or a completely dry, soft, clean and fresh smelling carpet!