Ways to spice up your modular kitchens

modular kitchens

The optimum and efficient use of space is what happens when the space you can work with reduces. The new way to organize and make the space you have functional is to adopt designs that give your space an unobstructed flow. Modular kitchens are the newest way to ensure you get a well-planned kitchen. The flow of the kitchen decided how comfortable cooking and working in your kitchen is. 

Here are a few ways you can add some spice to your kitchen. 

  1. Add a pot of herbs – A lot of herbs can add colour, spice and smell to your kitchen. Not to mention, you have access to fresh herbs whenever you need them! A pot of herbs is an organic way to spice up your kitchen. You can add pots of indoor plants in the corners to make the place look livelier. If you invest in a good waterproofing service, you can have a moss wall plate or a wall garden too. You can take a look at asian paints painting service price which is budget friendly, professional, with a range of customized offerings.
  2. Add a bowl – Decorative bowl of fruit or potpourri adds colour and provides for a good point of focus in the kitchen. A bowl of floating candles or a small flower arrangement also looks great on a kitchen counter. The age-old pickled jar of chillies and peppers adds a nice pop of colour. 
  3. Add an accent wall – Modular kitchens have a uniform colour or can have designs too. The best way to break the monotony is by adding an accent wall. You can look to paint wall designs with wall murals or a textured wall looks great in the perfect lighting.
  4. Play with lighting – if you are thinking of adding a few hanging lights, then you can’t go wrong with sculpted rattan or textured lights of fabrics and paper. Different colours impact the mood of the room in different ways. The best part of being able to play with lighting is that you can even control the lux level and decide the positions of lights to make them comfortable and convenient. 
  5. Add kitchen or dining essentials on the counter – Adding a salt and pepper mill, your set of knives, your collection of mugs can add a nice touch. It gives a homely feel as well as it is useful for when you need to reach out and need it instantly. This works well especially if you have an island kitchen counter.
  6. Display your bar essentials – If you have an attached bar counter, it bodes well to display your bar essentials. They look good and with the perfect lighting, your counter can look classy as well as save space on the actual bar cabinet.
  7. Stickers behind the stove – Taking a page from the book of wallpapers, you can add quirky stickers behind the stove to protect the wall and add a design to a plain kitchen. These are easy to clean and look good too. The self-adhesive kind of stickers are convenient to use and give you an option to spruce up the place without making a mess.

Modular kitchens are great for organizing the space you already have but they can render the space monotonous. These are a few ways you can add a little part of yourself to your kitchen.