Ways Of Acquiring Polish Citizenship – Basic Knowledge

Polish Citizenship

Polish citizenship is strictly regulated by the Act of 2nd of April 2009. The main point is that the one who applies for it must fulfill several basic conditions indicated in the Act. How can you obtain Polish citizenship and what should you know about it? Here are a few ways of acquiring Polish citizenship. Check it out.

Polish citizenship by descent

Holding dual citizenship is very beneficial not only because of the ability to live and work freely in Poland and many other European countries but also the opportunity to pass it on to your descendants. Why do we mention it? The fastest way of obtaining citizenship is to confirm your Polish citizenship by ancestry. Polish citizenship is passed via the right of blood which includes your parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents. If one of your ancestors was born in Poland or its former territories and resided there after 1920, there is such a big chance you are a Polish citizen too. We know it may seem complicated but do not worry at all. The process of Polish citizenship by descent confirmation may take less or more depending on several conditions. If you have documents proving your ancestors’ descent, great for you. In case you don’t have any of these, please don’t worry. We can help you find the necessary documents to confirm your Polish citizenship. Then with your help we will determine the fact that Polish citizenship was not lost on the way.

Grant of Polish citizenship

If you are still looking for any other way to obtain citizenship, you should familiarize yourself with the Grant of Polish citizenship. Any foreigner who would like to acquire citizenship can lodge a motion at the Polish President’s office. It is not even necessary to have a set of documents proving your ancestry but it may be helpful. The President of the Republic of Poland has unlimited power in that case. What does it mean? He may grant Polish citizenship to any foreigner if he determines the reasons stated in the Polish citizenship application are sufficient. If you speak the Polish language, run a business in Poland or live here, you can file a motion and wait for the Polish President’s decision. Read on to find information about polish citizenship requirements.

Polish citizenship by naturalization

Poland is a beautiful country without a doubt. No wonder so many foreigners decided to move here! If you are one of them, you can apply for citizenship and a Polish passport. In that case, any foreigner who lives and works in the territories of Poland may acquire Polish citizenship by naturalization. We should also mention that the final motion has to be submitted to the appropriate institution which is the Voivodeship office. This way of becoming a fully-fledged Polish citizen is not that easy but it does not mean you should give up on your application.

Citizenship by adoption

The next way to get Polish citizenship applies only to a child who, in accordance with Polish law, has been adopted by a person who is a fully-fledged Polish citizen. An adopted child obtains the citizenship of its parent or parents. What’s important, the adoption process must be completed before the child turns 16. Once the process is complete, the child is considered as a Polish citizen possessing Polish citizenship from the moment of his/her birth. It is not possible to obtain citizenship by adoption after the age of 16.

After the successful completion of the Polish citizenship application process, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits. No matter if you would like to study in Poland or travel all around the world, it is possible at that time. Do not forget about getting your Polish passport too!