Voice Integration Done Right: How Alexa is Gaining Popularity as a Virtual Assistant


Alexa skill development

Back in the nineties, there were plenty of different new technologies trying to make waves in the entertainment industry. There was virtual reality, which was continually being touted as the next big thing, with unwieldy headsets being advertised for use with video game consoles. There was also the introduction of touch technology, which was being marketed as aggressively as virtual reality.

One such tech from the eighties and nineties was known to use voice requests and integration, though it never picked up due to the lack of appropriate electronics. In today’s digital world, however, technology can support voice recognition quite well, which is one of several reasons why Alexa has been making waves as a virtual assistant.

Integration is the key

While the effectivity of the technology in question is always paramount to its success, there must also be a way to incorporate it into the amenities of today successfully. Perhaps the most significant aspect which played a part in the meteoric rise of Alexa was due to its ability to make use of modern apps. While it has its own apps to make use of, the fact that Alexa can also make use of some of the most useful apps around goes a very long way to cementing its legacy.

How Alexa is used today

There are plenty of ways in which society can make use of Alexa to streamline specific tasks. Examples include:

  • The use of Alexa at home through app integration. It is not enough for Alexa to be usable with the latest smart TV or smartphone – it can also be utilised alongside apps that manage certain features within a house. Aspects such as lighting, music, as well as temperature are all elements which can be manipulated through voice requests.
  • Making use of Alexa in the realm of marketing. Aside from being able to take advantage of the virtual assistant at home, Alexa skill development has made it possible to go with innovative and creative approaches to marketing. For example, Alexa skills can be used to integrate with apps which can market a company’s product in creative ways, such as Tide’s approach, where Alexa was given the ability to help people deal with over two hundred different types of stains.
  • Utilising Alexa to help an active and healthy lifestyle. Alexa can help provide advice regarding different types of healthy recipes, as well as calculate hiking and jogging routes. It can also provide motivation as well as play music upon request. If you need to get somewhere quickly, Alexa can also integrate with transportation apps to ensure that your voice is all you need to get from point A to point B without a fuss.

While there are undoubtedly plenty of other virtual assistants which have tried to make a splash in recent years, Alexa’s accurate voice recognition and easy integration make it the premier choice. With enough time, voice technology will be as standard as touch technology in society!