Top Five Considerations When Buying Luxury Villas in Phuket


One of the great things about owning a place of your own is being able to experience a sense of luxury which is simply not possible when you rent a place. While renting apartment space is part of the fabric of the Thai real estate market, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to buy property. On the contrary, if you are looking to buy a place, you can expect that property to be far more lavish and luxurious than might be the case in other areas. Homes and villas for sale are rarer and, thus, in greater demand compared to apartment rentals, making it all the more important for those homes and villas to justify their often higher asking price with a truly luxurious space.

If you’re looking for a bit of luxurious island living, a stay in Phuket can be a great way to experience Thailand in style. If you are looking for Phuket luxury villas for sale, therefore, you’ll want to consider these factors before making your purchase.

  1. The Area

The golden rule of real estate is that it’s all about location, location, location. Whether or not that’s true, it’s certainly the case that exotic islands such as Phuket are locations which are in high demand.

That said, when we talk about the area here, we’re talking about more than just the island. You also want to make sure that the area on the island in which the villas are situated meet with your approval. Ideally, they should be both close enough to airports, markets, restaurants, golf clubs, the beach, and other key entertainment areas to be convenient, while still being secluded enough to retain that air of exotic exclusivity and peace.

  1. The Layout

You will also want to pay attention to the layout. Different villa communities are built differently, so be sure that the ones in which you are interested have a layout which fits with your expectations.

  1. The Interior

In addition to all of that, you will naturally want to pay close attention to the interiors of villas in question. It is not uncommon for villas in the Phuket area to feature between three and five bedrooms, and then kitchens, dining rooms, and potentially other interior spaces on top of that. You’ll, thus, want to make sure that you have enough space for your family and other residents. You’ll also want to be sure that the style of interior decorating meets with your expectations.

  1. The Exterior

The same goes for the exterior of the villas. Both the interior and exterior of the best villas in Phuket are typically done in a fusion of traditional Thai style and modern aesthetics.

  1. The Asking Price

Last, but certainly not least, you are going to want to pay close attention to the asking price. While luxury villas in exotic locations such as Phuket are naturally going to command a decent price, you want to be sure to be diligent when searching for a villa that fits your budget.

Stay in Thailand in style and comfort with a luxury villa on Phuket Island.