Things You Should Know Before going Apartment Hunting

Apartment Hunting

Is apartment hunting making you feel intimidated, frustrated and all things confused? You pack up all your stuff, endure the almost endless struggle of looking for apartments, and finally making a choice, only to have to deal with a huge brokerage or a nosy landlord. Well you aren’t alone. Some people, just like you, who had to go through the struggle of getting a place to their tastes are now working very hard to bring you professionally managed accommodation experiences. Stanza Living is one. Here, you’ll get all the privacy of living in an apartment, and none of the ‘hidden’ costs. With delicious meals, amenities geared to your comfort (housekeeping, laundry, WiFi, security and more) built into your monthly rent, they’ve made living choices so much easier.

But even if you’re not making a smart choice and opting for Stanza Living, we still want you to have a smooth apartment hunting process. And you will. With these essential tips and tricks designed to help you choose well

Start looking at the right time

If you’re choosing to move because you’ve got into your dream college or been offered a job at a top firm,  you probably have time to plan out the process. Begin apartment hunting a couple of months in advance of your target move-in date, especially if you’re moving to a metro city like Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai which are bound to be high in demand. Want to save on the expense and expand on the options for your dream apartment? Consider looking at places slightly further from popular areas but that balance comfort and affordability. After all you don’t want to get stuck with commute timings too!

Research is everything

If you’ve shortlisted some apartments, make sure you do your background checks. Watch for red flags, like a subpar review online or a potential landlord who refuses to communicate with you. If you’re moving for college or work, you’ve probably got an idea about how long you’ll be in the city. So double-check your potential lease lengths. You don’t want to expect a year’s lease only to discover it’s a short-term rental, or on the other hand, a three-year contract. Also, familiarize yourself with the different types of apartments and amenities available in your area. A kitchen and a kitchenette are not the same, neither is a studio apartment and a 1BHK.

Budget for everything, not just rent

Living in an apartment comes with a bunch of other costs – utilities, internet, groceries, domestic help, transport… not to mention the security deposit. Make sure your salary or college allowance will allow you to cover all of this and still leave you with enough to spend on the things you love. And if you’re moving to a new city, it’s a good idea to do your research beforehand, as the cost of living in Chennai may be quite different to living expenses in Mumbai.

Trust your instincts

If you have a bad feeling about an apartment, the landlord, or the neighborhood, skip it. You don’t want to end up stuck somewhere that makes you uncomfortable just because you’ve signed an agreement. Also, don’t sign anything until you’ve seen it in person. We’re the first to admit that virtual tours are great, but there’s a lot that goes unnoticed through a screen. Before you put down a deposit or sign an agreement, make sure you’re visiting your apartment to see you’re actually getting what you pay for. It’s a good idea to check potential apartments thoroughly for things you might ordinarily overlook – low water pressure, broken or unusable windows, and rotting floors.

And there you have it. Our tips to ensure that you have the easiest and most stress-free time apartment hunting. Because we want you to feel right at home, wherever you go.