The Top Five Services Offered by Thai Property Agents


Being able to effectively manage and market your property is one of the most important feats which any real estate company can pull off. At the same time, however, this can be easier said than done in some markets, particularly those which are further away from your base of operations. If you are an overseas company looking to sell or manage real estate in Thailand, or if you are a domestic company looking for help managing certain markets within the country, it can be useful to hire a helping hand. Property agents, thus, work hand in glove with these entities to try and secure the best possible conditions for sustainable growth in the region.

Property Agents

When you hire a property agent from one of Thailand’s leading property sales and management agencies, you’re hiring someone who can help take care of several of the most vital aspects of the Thai residential real estate game.

  1. Feasibility Studies

If you are looking to embark upon a long-term real estate project, such as buying up a bunch of residential homes and plots of land with the goal of redeveloping the area for residential or business interests, it’s probably a good idea to first make sure your plan is feasible. Property agents can help you do just that. They can conduct feasibility studies which examine the social and economic factors of such drastic moves, giving you the data that you need to help make the big decisions.

  1. Sales and Marketing Services

If you are an overseas company looking to expand into the Thai market, you may not have the time or resources necessary to employ your own people as on the ground agents in the sales and marketing of your newly acquired properties. Here again, property agents can be of great assistance. They can act as a liaison with your company while providing effective sales and marketing services within the market itself, affording you a bridge between your corporate world and what’s happening in these markets.

  1. Ownership Transfers

If you require assistance in managing the transfer of titles and deeds from one party to another, property agents can help here as well. Their legal teams can help evaluate the transaction and transfer of ownership to ensure that everything is done properly.

  1. Rental Management

If you are looking to have someone take a more hands-on role in the management of your properties, these property agents can once again come to the rescue. With their expertise in rental management, these property agents will be able to handle the day-to-day logistics of running your properties, ensuring that they reflect well upon your company.

  1. Experience You Can Trust

When it comes to something as important as managing your real estate portfolio in Thailand, you’ll want to turn to a team you can trust. The best Thai property agents are, thus, proud to be able to point to years of experience in the industry and a great track record to match.

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