The Nicest Suburbs Of Miami In 2022

Nicest Suburbs Of Miami

Planning to move to Miami this year? If you are, well congratulations are in order! You will soon start a new chapter of life that will be full of excitement, nice views, and warm weather. What can be better than that? Nothing really! But, before you open that bottle of champagne and start celebrating your decision, you should first find a place to live.

Trust us, where you will live can make or break your Miami experience. For instance, in Miami, there are suburbs with expensive penthouse apartments, family homes, mobile homes, etc. Moreover, in Miami, you also have suburbs for businessmen, families, students, etc. You should take all of this into consideration when planning to buy (or rent), your new home. However, fear not – we are here to help you out. We prepared a list of some of the nicest suburbs in Miami in 2022, so keep on reading if you need help finding your desired Miami location.


One of the nicest suburbs of Miami in 2022 has to be Pinecrest. This neighborhood is rather big, but don’t let that fool you – Pinecrest has that small-town and tight-community vibe. And, because of that, it is a perfect place for families, children of all ages, and retirees. Here is where you will drink your morning coffee with your neighbor, where your kids can play tags on the street, and where you will be able to age in peace. So, if this is something you were looking for, you can start the process of home buying asap! To buy a home here, you would need approximately $840,900. Or, if you prefer renting, plan to spare around $1,313 a month.

However, just because Pinecrest has that small-community feel doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do here! Quite the contrary! As soon as you are done unpacking, you can sign up for a yoga lesson or catch a movie on the open at Evelyn Greer Park. Or, you can take your kids to a family center and try one of many family-friendly activities. And, when you get hungry and thirsty, go for a grilled cheese at Roasters ‘n Toasters or try some of the best cookies at Brewing Budha.

Palmetto Bay

Next on our list of some of the nicest neighborhoods in Miami in 2022 just has to be Palmetto Bay. This neighborhood has something for everybody. Parents and children can enjoy safe streets and top-notch schools, pet parents can relish in plenty of outdoor places (as Palmetto Bay is nicknamed the ‘Village of Parks’), singles will love the street full of bars and restaurants, and business people will appreciate the proximity to Downtown Miami where all the business buildings are. So, if you are one of those people, just like previously mentioned, start looking for a home in Palmetto Bay. You will not be disappointed. And, don’t worry about moving there – residential movers can help you get there with no hassle, just give them a call and book your moving date.

Once you move here, our advice is to put on your walking shoes and explore all the parks. If your children get bored, take them to the Summer Camp or the Village of Palmetto Bay Parks & Recreation Department. Palmetto Bay also has its own Farmers Marker where you can shop for pretty much anything – from groceries and home supplies to clothes and furniture.

Key Biscayne

If you are looking for a picture-perfect place in Florida, look no more! Key Biscayne is what you need! So, hire some real estate agents and have them help you find a home here until it’s too late (many people are already on the look). But, be warned – to buy a home here, you have to have deeper pockets! On average, a family home here costs around $1,034,800.

However, if money is not the problem, we are sure that you will love this neighborhood placed on a small island near Miami Beach. Everything here is quiet, peaceful, and just laid-back. So, you don’t need us to tell you that most of Key Biscayne’s residents are retirees and families. But, even if you belong to some other group, don’t run away from this neighborhood just yet. We are sure that you will love the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, and Crandon Park. And, if you want some hustle and bustle, Miami Beach and all its nightlife are just 15 minutes away.

Coral Gables

Key Biscayne is too expensive for most people, but Coral Gables is not! Coral Gables is actually one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Florida. To rent a home here, you would need approximately $1,000 a month, and to buy one, you would need around $696,000. That is why we believe that Coral Gables must be found on our list of some of the nicest suburbs of Miami in 2022. But, this neighborhood is not great only because it’s cheap, no. What makes it amazing is its architecture, canals, waterways, and according to many, its European charm.

Coral Gables is a great place for students, singles, and young professionals because of the cheap rent! And, because of an abundance of day&night activities. Here, you can find pools, parks, restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping centers, and many other things to do during those weekends and days off. So, you probably know what we are going to say – call your movers if you would like to move to this vibrant place!

Bay Harbor Islands

We said that the suburb of Coral Gables is one of the cheapest neighborhoods to live in in Florida, but we didn’t say that it is the cheapest. Namely, the cheapest suburb to buy a home in is the one called Bay Harbor Islands. Here you can buy a family home for as little as $312,800. But, rents are a bit higher – from $1,429 to #2,000. So, if you want to invest in residential property and use it for renting, Bay Harbor Islands is probably the best choice.

This suburb is actually made up of two small islands. It is safe, affordable, and very modern. And, the best part is that this suburb has less than 5,000 residents. Thus, it is perfect for those who want to enjoy their peace and quiet as well as contact views of the water. Bay Harbor Islands, even though small and peaceful, also offer many weekend activities – water sports, festivals, concerts, etc. So, we are sure that, no matter who you are and what you do, you will love living in Harbor Islands and agree that it is one of the nicest suburbs in Miami.