Some Design Advice To Think About Regarding The Purchasing Of A Balustrade



If you’re thinking about renovating a part of your home or building from scratch, balustrades are certainly something that you should consider. Aside from meeting the required building regulations, balustrades are also a major standout feature and help to improve the visuals of your home.

Matters of Space

Maybe the most important concern is exactly where you will be putting the balustrades. Will it be on the inside or the outside? If outside, ecologically robust materials are a must, such as high grade stainless steel or aluminium products strong enough to resist different weather conditions.

  • Should you be living on the coast there are some extra concerns and if you are opting for privacy outside and can do without a breeze, you may wish for a more solid structure system.

Will it be near a narrow space as in a small balcony or staircase? If you’re going to be working with a small area, it means that every single inch is going to be important.

Matters of Looks

  • Consider what you hope to achieve with a balustrade system being added to your home. Is it basically to upgrade your home with a cool renovation? What about any safety concerns for your children or pets? After addressing the right questions, it’s then time to look at how the balustrades will combine with the rest of your home.

Glass balustrades are aesthetically pleasing as they let a lot of light into the area look great for a modern design. But remember that glass will allow heat in the area and can be hard to keep clean, especially if you have children.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades will allow for plenty of customising which is many homeowners find appealing. Should you already have a colour scheme, the handrails can then be powder coated to meet with your design and colour needs. Wire balustrades are also great at allowing rooms to flow together, meaning greater ventilation and light around your home.

And due to no views being blanked out, they are the perfect option for balconies or upstairs areas of any home. Vertical wire is considered as being the best solution as horizontal wire balustrades can bring up some safety and legal issues.

Hardwood Railing

Hardwood hand railing has become a popular addition to many people’s balustrade designs. This wonderful organic material will add an earthy and homely feeling to a home and is a superb addition to a country style home.

  • Material of this type is currently trending in many places, and can provide a perfect touch of personality to what may be a plain space.

Long Term Conservation

One thing which quite often gets looked over when people are ordering their balustrade is how easy will the material be to care for in the maintain long term. Will the surface need regular cleaning or rust protection?

Think things clearly over before ordering and you will be just fine!