Social Media and monitoring tools can be the next big thing for your business!


Social media listening can advantage businesses in various different ways. Sometimes, social media influences a business negatively, such as when customers criticize its products or services. However, social media listening often helps guide a business to growth and to pamper its customers.

The great thing is there are Automotive social listening tools too out there to employ in your organization. There are some amazing benefits of social media listening and social media monitoring. Have a look below:

Recognize and follow-up on sales leads

When potential customers ask about a specific product or mention they are considering purchasing a new product, the social media monitoring or customer service team can reply with information.  If you have an automotive system it would respond right away.

Find out the 3 Wes

Social listening is helpful for you to address the 3 Wes:who is speaking about your wellness business, what is the context of their talks or conversations and where are these talks taking place. Whether your audience is mentioning you on Twitter or on Facebook, you can keep track of all these conversations. By making use of social listening, you can gather information about your popularity on social media, users or customers who take an interest in your business and which are the social platforms wherein your customers are absolutely active. This is a lot more than what you can derive from setting up a ‘Google Alert’

Quick customer support

Most of your customers make use of social media for queries, make a purchase and even share their experiences. Before purchasing a service, they like to look up the business online and ask different kinds questions, if needed. With social listening, you would be in a position to monitor all your customer comments, mentions, or even reviews relating to your business across social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. it makes it a wonderful tool to influence for an efficient customer support desk. By making use of the   insights from social listening, your business can be responsive in settling customer matters online. Onceyou can monitor all the comments of your customers, you can arrange sensitive matters and fix them in a swift way.

Hunt your influencers

Though social listening is helpful for you to identify the customers who are speaking about you on social media, it can even help you limit on brand or business ‘influencers’. Influencers are the people who have a great number of followers or subscribers on social media and have the capability to impact the opinions of their audience network. As a recompense for their help, influencers are often given enticements or hand-outs by businesses who take their support. The point is by making use of social listening, you can easily find out influential people on social media, and explore chance for establishing tie-ups with them to run your influencer or other marketing campaigns. You can also associate with them to spread the word about the wellness business.


Thus, you need to probe into the realm of automotive in media monitoring and get the most out of it for your business.