Preparing for a Renovation


If you are preparing a building for renovation, you need to make sure you survey it accurately. This can be done today with computers and lasers, thereby ensuring accuracy. Normally, you need to have a survey made for the following reasons:

  • The extension or renovation must follow local planning authority regulations
  • The improvement will not infringe on other people’s rights
  • The rules for building an extension or renovation must be strictly followed

Right-of-Light Surveys

Building surveyors in Dorking measure the dimensions of current structures with electronic and laser devices to ensure that all the construction requirements are met. You can also obtain right-of-light surveys from a firm that specialises in survey work, as well.

For instance, if you are adding an extension on your roof, a survey can determine if the addition will lessen the light for other buildings. Therefore, this survey ensures that you are not violating the law or blocking another person’s natural light.

Precise Scans

Indeed, surveying has taken on a whole new dimension with the use of laser scanners and computers. Surveys can be made with 3D laser scanners that permit professionals in the field to create 3D models of properties. By using today’s technologies, properties can also be scaled. In addition, lasers can be placed in inaccessible or hazardous sites when surveys are made.

Building surveys and tracing services are used, as well, when renovating Grade 1 listed buildings, which are structures that feature elevations. The surveys allow specialists in the field to create a digital record. Detailed elevations are a typical requirement for any applications that involve planning. By using remote laser devices, surveyors can plot heights and building positions with increased accuracy.