Picking The Perfect Retirement Home For You


Once their kids grow older and they would start leaving the home, parents will start looking for a new house – their retirement home. Some people do this at retirement while others have this done way before their retirement years. This home will likely be the last investment for them. For retirement homes, the searching process would be different. The buyers are not concerned about having multiple bedrooms for their kids or have to be living near schools.

What they are more focused on finding are features that will let them age conveniently. There are retirees who choose homes that are specifically designed for retirement homes, like the RCA Villages. Once you found the right community, the next thing to consider is whether you would want a single-family home or a condominium unit. To help you decide, here are the most important things that you have to take into consideration when selecting a retirement home.

Your Budget

Before anything else, you can’t possibly search for a retirement home if you do not know your budget. According to financial experts, you should buy a home that is less than what you can afford. You have to spend less on your housing to make it easier for you to cope especially during involuntary unemployment or if there are medical problems to consider in the future.

Single-Level Homes

Stairs are the very first thing that you have to avoid. Even homes with a single step up or down can also be a problem. So before you decide on a home, make sure that you double-checked with your agent that it doesn’t have any stairs in and out of the house, from the front walk or the garage.

Location is Important

Whether healthy or not, you should consider easy access to quality health care when you are choosing a retirement home. This is very important especially if your family lives away from you. If you want to travel a lot, then your retirement home should be near a major airport. The location is also best to consider especially when it comes to the climate of the area.

Wide Doors and Hallways

When choosing a home, prefer the ones with wide hallways and doorways. Most elderly residents like open floor plans because it can help them create better spaces that they can use for socializing. Open spaces are also easier to maneuver especially if the resident is walker or wheelchair dependent.

Appliance Height

If you do not like bending down to use the dishwasher or your washer or dryer, then have them raised. It is important that all the appliances that you will be using frequently, like the toaster, oven, microwave, or refrigerator can be reached easily. Also, for those using wheelchairs, they might want lower counters in the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Available Facilities for Pets

When finding a retirement home, you should not only consider yourself but also your pets. If you have dogs then you need a space where you can bathe them. If you have cats, then you should have a place for their litter boxes. If you are moving into a community, make sure that you understand if there are any restrictions when it comes to pets.

Buying a retirement home should be planned accordingly. This should not be an impulse decision. Remember that this is where you or your parents will be living for the rest of their lives. It does not have to be something extravagant. Just enough for them that would be able to cater to all of their needs.