Moving to Portugal – The Best Communities for Expats



Moving to Portugal 2400x1600 1If you are moving to Portugal for any reason, you have to know what communities are the best for ex-pats. Fortunately, Portugal is a friendly country regardless of your local or ex-pat. There are plenty of properties that suit ex-pats, and some of them are discussed below:

Lisbon – It is a perfect place for the young at heart. It’s the center of Portugal where you get to experience the buzzing city life, although not as hectic and noisy as the cities in the USA.

Cascais – A 30-minute drive from the Lisbon airport, and you will reach the fishing village of Cascais. If you don’t like city life’s hustle and bustle, Cascais is perfect for you. Back in the days, it was the destination of choice for royal families because of the beaches and the warm sunny weather. It’s a quaint village that was able to retain its sophisticated charm throughout the years.

Porto – Many Americans who decided to be in Portugal choose Porto because of the scenery and ambiance. It can be considered an old fishing town and the second-largest city in Portugal. The cost of living is less expensive than in Lisbon.

Algarve – Another charming place for Americans who wish to move to Portugal is Algarve. You can take advantage of the Golden visa Algarve propertyYou can take a look at the property selection, and avail perks especially offered to ex-pats. The Algarve’s golden coast is something you should not miss visiting with its beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, and eye-catching rocks along the shoreline.

There are plenty of properties waiting for you for ex-pats who move to Portugal via the Golden Visa Program. You can also check out Lagos property for sale PortugalIt is where great opportunity awaits for Americans who love to be in the beautiful country of Portugal.