Misconception Surrounding Full Service Flat Fee Realtors Dispelled


Home selling or buying is a time-consuming task. Involving a reliable experienced real estate agent can make a huge difference. You can take care of home staging, while the realtor works behind the scene including promoting and making your home visible for prospective home buyers.

You get to choose between traditional real estate agents and flat rate brokers. Homebuyers and sellers around Colorado can check the website www.flatraterealtygroup.com for a full-service flat rate listing. Some people are sceptical about the flat rate realtor option. Let’s dispel the misconception surrounding flat rate realtors.

Delusion – You get what you pay for…….

This old saying is true for many things but does not apply to realtors charging a fixed fee. Some companies charge a flat rate for listing your house and the property marketing, showing, and paperwork is all done for you.

If you opt for full-service flat rate brokerage, you get support from a whole team making your marketing tools, performing showings, negotiating, and closing deals easy and quickly. You get more than what you paid for!

Misapprehension – You don’t get full-time representation

With a full-service flat-rate approach, the realtor has competent teams that specialize in negotiations, technology, contracts and more. Your aim for success in selling your home is to allow the flat rate realtor to do their task, as they are well-versed in performing the tasks in the sales process. Just because you are paying less doesn’t mean he or she does not know how to handle the process smoothly.

False impression – Flat fee approach is for those with no or little equity

In traditional brokerage, the more the property values the more the commission you will need to pay. For example, if your home value is worth $500,000 then the listing commission is generally 3%. It means you pay $15,000 as brokerage.

If you use a full-service flat rate realtor like Flat Rate Realty Group, you can save $12,000 because they charge only $3000 for property under $500,000. If your home is worth over $500,000 the charges are 1%.