If you ever wanted to sell property in Malta…


It may sound strange, after all, Malta is an obscure place in Europe which most people (maybe you also) have never even heard of.  However, Malta is an emerging gem in Europe largely because of its high salaries, booming economy, the presence of great domestic and international companies, and low cost of living.  An added bonus is that Malta is one of the safest nations to live in the European Union.  All of these factors are attracting people from all over the world to settle in Malta.  Since the property is limited in Malta, they end up buying their dream homes from those who are selling property in Malta.


At first, glance, selling property in Malta may seem like no big deal, after all, real estate is the same everywhere.  If you think this is true of the Maltese real estate market, you are as far from the truth as possible.  The Maltese real estate market is very complex given such detailed and complex rules and laws like konvenju, and the laws governing the sale of inherited property.  Unfortunately, the intricacies and complexities of the Maltese real estate market don’t end there!   You will also have to know how to price your property on the market so that it actually sells in the time period that you want it to.

All of this means that you need to have an experienced real estate agent working with you when you are going through the process of selling your property in Malta.  That is where RE/MAX Malta comes into the picture!  Our real estate agents are seasoned professionals who know the Maltese real estate market intimately.  They also do not believe that any question a client asks them is stupid or inappropriate because clients have diverse needs, therefore they will ask their agents a multitude of questions on  , and in a wide variety of categories.  We hire people who are already experienced as real estate agents because they have been proven to learn and perform better at work.

We believe in equipping our real estate agents with the latest knowledge and technological tools that will help them get your property sold at the best price possible so that you can get rid of property that you don’t want or need anymore at the price that will make you enough profit so that you can recuperate your initial investment in the property, after all, no one wants to sell their property for less than what they initially paid for it, or for less than market value!  Our real estate agents are experts in customer service, and they know how to negotiate the best price from buyers to ensure that both buyers and sellers are satisfied with reaching the best possible price for the particular property.

If you are ever interested in selling your residential or commercial unit in Malta, you will need a seasoned and knowledgeable real estate agent to guide you through the detailed and complex selling process in Malta.  You need to use RE/MAX Malta real estate agents because they are the best in the industry. They will sell your property for you at the price you want while you concentrate on going about your life as usual!