How to Get Accurate Quantity Takeoff for Your Construction Estimate


If you are a developer who involves in the construction of buildings such as apartments and shopping malls then you know the procedure and where to start your project. To make your business idea into a reality it is necessary to start the project with a good design and cost estimation before you call for tenders from interested contractors. A quantity surveyor involvement is necessary at this stage of the construction project. You can easily get quantity takeoff service from an experienced quantity surveyor.

Getting accurate quantity takeoff

While contractors submit their cost proposals to your development, it is always important to keep your budget and estimation for the project in order to compare the bid amounts you receive during the tender stage. Preparation of your initial detailed estimate takes time. It is necessary to prepare the detailed design and drawings before you prepare the estimate. When you have your design ready, it is easy to hire a quantity surveyor to for quantity takeoff service and for the preparation of cost estimate.

Most construction companies hire full-time quantity surveyors. Therefore each project includes a responsible project quantity surveyor. He or she can easily manage quantity takeoff for the construction project or even for the claims arising during the construction stage. However, it is also important to make takeoff accurate as possible. Quantity takeoff has a great impact on the accuracy of the construction project estimate.

For claims such as variation claims, manual quantity takeoff from the drawings is recommended. Anyway you can use takeoff software too. Be sure to use the given dimensions in drawings when you use software for measurements. This step will further make it accurate.

If you are a developer then you know where to start with your project after acquiring your real state. A lot of planning is required at this stage.

If you are a subcontractor or general contractor or even a small scale contractor with no much staff to assign for the quantity takeoff task, then you can easily outsource your QS work. Ask well experienced QS for taking off from the drawings which makes your claims accurate as possible. This small step will avoid construction disputes and you will have more chances to win your claims.