How to Get a Good Deal on a Car Lease


For a small down payment, you can drive a car for a specified period without having to take out a loan. You only need to pay the monthly fees for the duration of the lease. At the end of the lease term, you return the car, no fuss. Since you do not own the leased car, your responsibility is to follow the stipulations of the contract to a T. You have to keep the exterior and interior of the vehicle in good condition, and drive within the specified mileage or face steep penalties by the end of the lease term. If you are careful in using the car, then you don’t have to worry about the conditions. Websites such as offer car leases that will fit your budget. Here’s how you can make a good deal out of a car lease.

Pick a car type and model

You must have an idea of the type and model of car that you want to lease before you go to the dealership. Identify your car needs: do you need a big one to fit all your kids in, a small sedan that you will use to drive to work or a luxurious car that you are dreaming of owning even just for a few years? Make a list of the vehicles that you will consider leasing so that when you go to the dealership, you can zero in on them.

Take them for a test drive

Pay attention to the running condition of the car. Is it comfortable, safe, and easy to drive? Taking a car for a test drive will help you decide which one will suit your needs most.

Ask the dealer about a car’s safety features

Safety is paramount when driving, especially with kids on board. Are there anti-lock brake systems? Front and side airbags and electronic stability control? You can also do your research beforehand. Look up your preferred models online to see what features they offer.

Review and compare lease deals

The dealership will hand you lease offers for your chosen cars. When you go home, review them and identify their pros and cons against your budget. Which car will give you your driving needs and which one will you be able to afford on a monthly basis without sacrificing other items in your budget? Plot a new monthly budget, including the monthly fees for the lease and see if it is feasible for your chosen vehicle; otherwise, go to the next best option.

Negotiate the price

The best way to get a good deal is not to tell the dealer that you are planning to lease until you arrive at an agreement. The monthly payments will depend on the final price you and the dealer agree upon. After you agree on the final price, you can now negotiate the terms. You and the dealer should be able to arrive at a price that you will both benefit from.