Common Pest Infested Areas And How To Completely Clean Them Out


Pests and insects’ infestations are very annoying and tend to recur season after season if not well dealt with. Most people prefer the usage of a home remedy as compared to a pest control service because they believe it is cheaper. Yes, it provides a solution, but for only a short period. The sad thing about these infestations is that they do occur in entirely different locations available to man. And below is a list of some of those locations alongside the appropriate measure taken to clear the pests out completely.

  1. Homes

If anyone is to talk about pest infestations, the first places that come to mind are our homes. Our homes being the places we spend most of our time in are bound to be one of the most affected areas by pests. From the small ones; ants, roaches, mosquitoes. To slightly bigger ones; mice and rats to even bigger ones; raccoons, badgers, and squirrels. Our homes tend to attract the whole lot to our doorsteps. And this is because our living quarters are a hub of both food and warmth. And most animals find this kind of environment very inviting. Most people opt to use home remedy options which as mentioned above a time constricted. It is therefore urged that homeowners take up solutions that will last longer and see to the complete evacuation of pests. A pest control company does offer safer and appropriate solutions such as fumigation to eradicate small animals and insects. And traps for the pests large enough to fit into one.

  1. Restaurants, Hotels, and Fast-food Joints

All of the three locations serve food and beverage and also do offer accommodation. All these services are a great attraction to humans as well as pests such as rats, roaches, bedbugs, and ants, to mention a few. Also considering that all these locations get exposure to a differing multitude of people walking in and out, the spreading of pests such as bed bugs becomes a menace. The spread of these pests can get out of control if they are not contained. Therefore, for restaurants, hotels, and food-joints to remain in business, the management should apply either one or more strategies to drive away these pests. First, a total quarantine of the affected wing should be done. Then and only then can fumigation and the application of pest poison start. And because all these locations do serve food, chemicals used should be food safe. Periodic inspections after treatment should be scheduled to check for further spreading.

  1. Offices And Commercial Buildings

Offices found in commercial buildings may be infested by either roaches and rats. But this may be as a result of the restaurants and other food joints in the same building. Offices may not be an ideal home for most pests because of the lack of food sources, but they still get affected. Bed bugs have also been found to build nests in offices. Flies and mosquitos are also other menaces found in offices. The best solutions for these pests are the periodic use on insecticides and aerosols in addition to maintaining a clean environment.

  1. Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces such as backyards playgrounds and parks are mainly infested by mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bees, and even termites. These locations need special care considering they are open, and the use of methods such as uncontained fumigation may not be efficient because of the wind. To completely fix the infestation, a tent is put up to lock down the affected area. The treatment chemicals are then sprayed through fogging and fumigation. As a precaution, both adults and children are advised to stay away from such locations as these chemicals are deemed harmful and highly poisonous.