Commercial Janitorial Services: What To Expect


Owning and operating a business comes with a lot of stress and overtime, but the rewards of success make the hard work worth it. However, no matter how good of a business owner you may be, you cannot do everything by yourself. Aside from having your trusted employees to keep your company running and meeting client demands, there are other aspects that employees themselves cannot handle.

Keeping a clean and well-maintained office has a major effect on employee health and moral, but you cannot ask your staff to stay after hours to clean up. This is where commercial janitorial services come in to help. Here’s what professional cleaning services offer office spaces and why they’re a must:

1. Commercial Cleaning 

Only the professionals have the training and the necessary equipment to do a commercial cleaning properly. A simple wipe down and taking the trash out is not considered enough to clean an office. Hiring commercial janitorial services regularly will ensure the office space is cleaned and sanitized for a new work week. Commercial cleaning is more thorough to ensure that the office stays healthy and spotless.

2. Window Cleaning 

The windows of an office building allow your employees a glimpse of the outside world every so often. Leaving the windows dirty, especially on the outside will give potential clients and customers a bad impression of your company. Plus, the obstructed view can be depressing for your staff. Hire a professional cleaning crew to clean the windows regularly so that dust and dirt won’t build up for too long.

3. Waste And Heavy Trash Removal 

Did you recently throw a big office party and now have a lot of trash to throw? Remodeling the office and need to remove appliances and furniture but the trash can isn’t big enough? Improperly disposal of waste can lead to hefty fines so instead of risking it call the professionals to do a waste and heavy trash removal instead. They will clean out all of the waste, dispose of them properly and you don’t even have to lift a finger.

4. Full Building Maintenance 

Small and mid-sized buildings should invest in routing building maintenance to ensure that everything is in proper working order. While it can be too expensive to hire an in-house maintenance team, there is always the option of hiring experience janitorial services that can also do building maintenance. These professionals can handle the small construction repairs your building needs. Don’t worry, only a licensed general contractor will do the work so you can rest easy knowing a pro is in charge.

5. Janitorial Supplies Procurement 

Mid-sized companies who can afford to hire an in-house janitor can look forward to another type of service. Janitorial supplies procurement done by an expert janitorial service company results in cheaper prices without settling for cheap materials and supplies. They already have an established relationship with top supplies, which you can take advantage of and earn huge discounts.

Whatever your office building cleaning and maintenance needs are, there is always a janitorial service provider willing to do the job. The best commercial cleaning companies will create a list of services that fits your needs and your budget so your office space will always be clean at the start of every week.

HMS provides commercial janitorial services to keep your workplace spotless. Contact us today and let’s talk details on how we can be of service.