As Renting a House Fast


When it comes to renting your home, you want more so in the shortest possible time, because every day that passes is an opportunity cost or in other words it’s money that you stop receiving.

To achieve renting your home in the shortest time you must make a series of appropriate actions, some of which are dictated by common sense sometimes not, then you should seek the advice of an estate agent or realtor. Here are some tips for renting your house fast:

Make sure the house is ready to be shown; repairs imperfections such as leaks, broken blinds changes, latchkey in disrepair, water leaks, damaged doors, repair the cracks, painting the walls if necessary. As for the outside of the house, you have to prune shrubs and trees, arranged gardens and cut the grass. A house in good condition will attract tenants from the outside and do they really want to live in it.

According to the market price and economic reality; by very nice and well located this home, if the market price is out I guarantee you are not going to rent unless a miracle happens. In my experience as a real estate agent trying to be realistic and subtle at the same time with homeowners rent when counsel in the price. But sometimes let go or escape good profile tenants for not making a reduction in the rental value. The strange thing is that after a few months end up accepting rent the house at a lower price. Why wait so long to realize that the price of the house was not commensurate to the market price?

Something very important is that if the tenants of your house are dissatisfied or feel that the price of the monthly rent is very high, you almost certainly will not meet the contract they found a home at a lower price than yours and they moved to her.

Advertise your house to rent; well put a sign on the property, it is advisable to publish notices in the classified section of major newspapers in your city, in this sense we suggest that you make in the days of greater circulation.

When writing your ad, be sure to include relevant information for tenants, such as: location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking, if you have closets, kitchen cabinets, tank room, you should mention servitude and most importantly the price.

Certainly I can say that these are the main criteria by which they ask the tenants. This will allow you to receive calls from real interested to see your house, which avoid wasting your time and theirs. If you are a busy person and feel that would hinder you answer the phone at all times, you must specify a schedule for providing information to stakeholders.

Be available, your house is not the only hire; when you have a house for rent it is important to be flexible and be prepared to show the house at noon, after work hours and on weekends. There are many people who cannot take time off during the week to see houses. When you have an interested shows the house as soon as possible, if the person shown once the decision to rent it checks your references and investigate it. Once you find yourself done and you are sure that you pay the rent, streamlining paperwork, I mean the drafting of the contract to settle or close the rent.