A Quieter Beach in Phuket


Phuket, Thailand has been a tourist destination for a long time and is not losing its appeal anytime soon. One concern for many people when looking for a vacation spot is how crowded it will get. Some people are looking for more calm and relaxation instead of party boats and shopping. The Bang Tao Beach in Laguna is still a very secluded area despite its popularity.

The Reason Why

Bang Tao Beach is one of Phuket’s longest beaches and stretches for four miles (six kilometers) and has not been touched by many developers as of yet. The reason why Bang Tao Beach does not get a lot of visitors is because of its distance from the busier towns. It is mostly occupied by the Laguna complex. This resort is a massive five-hotel development also claiming long stretches of golf courses. The resort focuses more on relaxation amenities and does not attract many high-energy tourists. The nearby town of Cherng Talay is not so much a tourist destination as it is an old town with residents who still make their livings off of fishing, farming, and rubber tapping as their ancestors once did.

If this beach appeals to you but you are worried about resort prices, the Laguna complex is not the only accommodation found in the area. A 1 bedroom apartment in Bang Tao Beach can be found at a variety of residences, although some may take a long walk to get to the beach. Shuttle buses are free and do travel to a few destination places around the lagoon but do not get you out. Motorbikes can be rented here as well as anywhere in Phuket. Taxis will also drive to this area, although they are less common and more expensive, and can drive you out of Laguna, taking twenty minutes to see the louder attractions of Phuket when you are ready for them.

Amenities and Attractions

If you get bored of the beach life, there are other things to do locally in Laguna. Phuket is known for having excellent spas and massage treatments and Laguna is no different. Horseback riding is also available. It may be a little cliche to take a horse and ride along the beach in sunset but Bang Tao is definitely the beach to ride on. Just as important as the beach is to a tropical vacation, it is necessary to try some foreign local cuisine. Phuket has many traditional Thai restaurants but is also known to host food restaurants from all over the world. If you plan things, accordingly you could try food from every culture with just one trip.

If you are looking for more excitement, there are elephant retirement parks and sanctuaries in the area. You can find tour guides who will teach you interesting facts and history about elephants and then let you interact will these enormous mammals. One of the trainers can often be found at the beach bathing baby elephants and beachgoers will often be allowed to pet them. If you are daring, there is scuba diving and boat tours around the lagoon to show you all the natural beauty of the tropical landscape and sea life. The gardens in Laguna are proof of this beauty and add to the calm of Bang Tao Beach.