A List of the Most Important Things You Should Do First if You Want to Live in Spain


One of the most popular places for British residents looking to move to a warmer climate is Spain. Spain is definitely a top spot for many considering its beautiful beaches and temperate climate, amazing culture, delicious food, and friendly and welcoming people. What’s more, the cost of living in Spain is quite reasonable compared to other European destinations, and most people can easily afford to live in a great villa or apartment and enjoy the many luxuries the country can offer without breaking the bank. But before you pack your bags and make that move, here’s a list of the most important things you should do first if you want to live in Spain.

  • Learn the language

Of course, if you’re planning to live in a big city like Madrid or Barcelona, you may not need to brush up on your Spanish. But if you would like to live in a smaller enclave or a little further from a big city, it may be worth doing so. By learning the language, you can communicate better with the locals and really get to know the culture. You can make it easier on yourself by writing down words that you hear, along with their meanings, and then try to use them as often as you can. That said, Moraira is a popular holiday and second home destination for many Europeans of different nationalities, and it’s this international dimension on top of the Spanish atmosphere of Moraira that means that in fact English is spoken in almost all banking, retail and restaurant settings.

  • Learn about the different neighbourhoods

There are many areas in Spain which have become popular residential places for foreigners, but it pays to do your research about the different neighbourhoods. Not all neighbourhoods or areas can offer the same things; for example, some areas in Madrid are more suitable for older residents, and, consequently, many establishments close at an earlier time. If you want to live near the sea such as in a beautiful place like Moraira, check out what the area has to offer in terms of your interests and hobbies and lifestyle, as the property experts from www.watkinswilson.com confirm.

  • Know what to expect when renting or buying property

If you are planning to rent property in Spain, you should know that renting a house or flat can be quite different from where you come from. Many things are negotiable, for example – but the conditions of the rental property will depend on your agreement with the landlord. There are also some standard laws for renting property in Spain, so familiarise yourself with these as well.

If you would like to buy property, you should also do research on the various mortgage rates as well as the relevant fees and taxes. Make sure you know how the whole process of buying property works; for this, it’s always better to rely on professionals, particularly those who regularly deal with foreigners who buy property in the area.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com