A Guide to Creating the Perfect Al Fresco Dining Area


To have a comfortable and stylish terraced area is the dream many UK homeowners aspire to, and with modern construction that uses composite materials, it needn’t cost a fortune. For the purpose of this article, let’s take the average two storey detached home that has adequate space at the rear of the property. The dining room window would look out onto the rear garden, and this is the ideal place to begin, and the idea is to have the rear window removed, and with the underneath brickwork removed, you have the perfect aperture for a pair of stylish doors that will provide access to the terrace.

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This would depend on the current design of the home, and if your windows are timber framed, stick with timber for the new doors, or perhaps you have already had your windows and doors replaced with either uPVC or aluminium double glazed units, maintain this by using the same material for the doors. If your home has a rustic look, a pair of timber bi-fold French doors would be ideal. Obviously, one would insist on double glazed units, and with made to measure solutions, the doors will fit like a glove.

Essential Shading

Any terraced area must have adequate shading, and a modern, retractable awning would be the best solution, and with a motorised unit, you can always ensure the right balance of shade, and effortlessly, at that. Stylish imported fabric comes in a wide range of colours and patterns, and with some small window awnings, the al fresco look is complete.

Floor Materials

There are a number of materials one can effectively create a terrace, with timber decking being a popular choice, as this is easy to keep clean and mixes with any style. Top quality hardwood will ensure many years of trouble free use, or you might prefer the timeless look of stone pavers, or perhaps a unique crazy paving creation. If you have some DIY experience and have the right tools, the base can be laid in a single weekend. Ready mixed concrete also offers a stylish surface, with polished or combed finishes available, and all you need to do is prepare the area, shoring up all sides and perhaps adding some steel mesh for added strength, and then order the mix, which comes in a wide range of colours, so grey is not your only option.

Outdoor Furniture

This is a critical ingredient of an elegant al fresco terrace, and time should be spent browsing online, until you find the ideal style. Obviously, the furniture will be stored for the winter months, so take this into consideration, as it might look nice to have heavy timber benches, but they are impractical if they are to be moved at all.

This is a chance to explore your flair and creativity, and with a top quality set of doors, and the right awnings, your new terraced area will give you and your family many years of pleasure.