4 Signs It’s Time for You to Move


For most of us, the thought of moving to a new house gives us chills. The stress accompanied by it is not very well received. However, there comes a time when you have no choice but to move from your home.

Various signs will begin to pop up to indicate that your time has come. Some of us disregard these signs, while others don’t notice them.

In this article, I will show you some of the signs which are a clear indication that it’s your time to move to a new location. These signs include:

One of the most common reasons for moving is due to a job promotion and transfer to a different city or country.  When in this situation, moving with your family is the best option since you’ll find that traveling across states or countries is tedious and stressful.

If you are worried of getting a new home in a new country, coming across good real estate agencies such as the cosmos values real estates, that handle all your moving processes is an indication that your timing is right.

You will also know it’s time to move when you get a salary raise and thus can be able to afford a particular house or apartment that you’ve been admiring.

If you are unfortunate to get a demotion or even get laid off at work, that is a clear indication that you should move to a cheaper and probably smaller house.

  • The house is too big or small

When you were starting your family, you probably started in a small house for you and your wife. However, now that the kids have come and are growing up, the house has begun feeling smaller.

This feeling is a sign that it’s time for you to move to a bigger house. The kids will all need their rooms, and you’ll also need some space. This necessitates the need for a bigger house.

When all your kids have gone to college or moved out, you’ve begun feeling that the house is too big for you. This is because of the many extra rooms available. Whenever you get this feeling, it is also a significant indicator that it’s time to move.

  • The State of the Neighborhood

We all want our kids to grow up in a safe and friendly environment. However, we cannot always control what’s happening around the neighborhood.

There might be an increase in criminal activities or a widespread usage of drugs among your young people or even an outbreak of a deadly disease. All these factors make that environment unsafe for you and your kids. This is, therefore, a large sign that it’s time to move to a friendlier and safer environment.

You may also have noticed that most of your friends are moving out of the neighborhood and retiring to the countryside making room for a new generation to occupy the community. This is also a sign you should start packing.

  • Financial factor

After living in a house for a long time, you will begin to notice that most components of the house are breaking down. The plumbing starts leaking, you have more electrical faults, the walls crack, and the house paint fades away.

All this means that you’ll have to spend a lot on repairing and maintaining the systems. This cost will leave a massive scar in your budget and thus affect your purchasing power.

When you notice that your house maintenance is draining your finances, then you have to acknowledge that time is ripe for you to seek greener pastures elsewhere.


Other signs that it’s time to move may include family commitments when the kids need better education, a change in relationship status or when you need a vacation home.

When you begin noticing these signs, it is only prudent that you start searching for a better house to move in. Remember, despite the process of moving being tedious, once you observe these signs, you will be grateful you did!