4 Emergency Plumbing Issues and How to Deal With Them


The plumbing in your home is a complex system of pipes that provide you with water and also channel away waste, and in the event any of the following occur, here is a helpful guide to how to best deal with the issue.

Emergency Plumbing

  1. A Blocked Drain – Perhaps one of the worst-case scenarios a homeowner could experience, a blocked drain is not something you should tackle yourself, rather leave it to the 24 hour plumbers in Harlow, who have the know-how and the equipment to quickly unblock any drain.
  2. Ruptured Water Pipe – Another emergency situation you might find yourself having to contend with, a burst water pipe requires that you turn off the water supply as quickly as possible. The next thing to do is call out an emergency plumber, who will be able to replace the damaged section and have the system up and running again.
  3. Central Heating Malfunction – No one wants to be without heating or hot water, and the chances are it is caused by a boiler malfunction, which is something an emergency plumber is more than qualified to handle.
  4. Inaccurate Heating Thermostat – While you might not think this is an emergency, at best, you will use far more fuel than is necessary, and at worst, your heating might be inoperative, which certainly requires immediate attention.

Rather than waiting for the above issues to arise, it is a good idea to pre-source an emergency plumber and store their number in your smartphone, then you will be ready to deal with any plumbing emergency.